Cajamarca organizations received a warm welcome at the People's Summit

CP, 10 December, 2014.- Today, minutes after one o'clock in the afternoon and following a long tour, the delegation of Cajamarca made its entry into the Parque de la Exposición and the People's Summit.

The delegation made its entry into the Park led by Milton Sánchez, president of the Plataforma Interinstitucional Celendina (PIC), amid chants and cheers.

Antolin Huascar, Ibis Fernandez and Rosa Guillén, spokespersons of the Summit, welcomed the cajamarquinos.

Sánchez thanked the organization of the Summit and questioned the official COP 20 that does not consider the actual participation of the indigenous communities and peoples.

"The money used for the COP 20 could be spent on solving the issue of drinking water, irrigation canals for our agriculture; however, that money is squandered in large meetings that are beginning to look like useless fairs", claimed the head of the PIC.

In that sense, the purpose of the official event was questioned. "There are countries that do not commit to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases and we suffer the consequences," he stated.

Others leaders at the march were Jeremiah Unkuch, representing the Organización Fronteriza Awajún de Cajamarca (ORFAC), and Florentino Barrios, who arrived in Lima on behalf of the farming community of Cañaris in the Northenern Lambayeque department, also affected by mining.

Unkuch thanked the reception and noted that "people continue firm in defense of our territory, in defense of life and youth."

"I am a mother who lost her son on July 3, 2012 when Mr. Humala and the mayor of Celendín attacked us" stated Santos Huamán Solano, mother of Antonio Sánchez Joselito Huaman, a minor killed during social protests in Cajamarca against the Conga mining project.

"That makes me stronger and courageous in defending our water, our mountains," she concluded.

Gladis Vila, president of the women's organization ONAMIAP and spokeswoman for the Peoples Summit, reviewed some of the key themes being discussed at the Summit many panels and forums.

"We are demanding the collective titling of the ancestral territories of the indigenous peoples, and for the defense of water, not only for us but for everyone, in the communities and also in the cities," she claimed.

A massive and peaceful march in defense of Mother Earth is scheduled for Wednesday 10th December.

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