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Santa Clara de Uchunya: a divided community

4 Jun 2024 - 17:37

The arrival of the Ocho Sur palm oil company has divided the Indigenous community, putting groups in favour and against its presence and breaking the unity they had maintained for four decades. 

The Rights of the Warrior Mothers in Perú

18 Mar 2024 - 08:55

Why do the state authorities have no interest or capacity to understand and resolve the problems or demands of these warrior women?

Remembering the massacre of Juliaca

15 Ene 2024 - 19:51

The massacre that occurred in Juliaca is a fact that has defined authors (direct and mediate). But why is there no sanction or state response after the last year?

The Constitution of Chile and Pluriculturality, by Peña Jumpa

30 Ago 2022 - 13:14

The new Constitution of Chile poses a great challenge that Chilean society faces, but it can very well do so by becoming an example for other countries in the world.

Remembering El Baguazo and El Aymarazo in Peru

12 Jun 2022 - 20:31

We believe that it is possible to think in the long term in a process of integration or coexistence accepting cultural diversity and its consequences, writes Professor Peña Jumpa.

A New Mechanism to Strengthen Territorial Governance Moves Forward in Peru

1 Jun 2022 - 18:20

Indigenous organizations expressed support for a new Territorial Governance Facility being created to channel climate funds directly to the indigenous territories where they are most needed.

Las batallas de Gustavo Petro

10 Dic 2021 - 13:45

Gustavo Petro, líder de la izquierda, tiene una carrera marcada por su pasado guerrillero ¿Quién es y cómo piensa el que podría liderar el primer gobierno progresista?

Haiti, Pisco-Peru, and the Pandemic

16 Ago 2021 - 00:39

It is time to be prepared to participate in the reconstruction of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and of any disaster situation such as the one currently facing the population of Haiti.

Urban Peasant Patrols in Peru

13 Ago 2021 - 20:59

The patrols can alleviate the problem of crime or corruption, but not the causes of it. It is urgent to initiate a proposal that transforms poverty and urban and rural inequality into collective progress focused on the population that suffers the...

The weak State of Peru in its Bicentennial (2021)

1 Ago 2021 - 22:01

The Spanish colony and the Creole republic of 500 years ago has transformed the country by including a European legal culture in our institutions and in society.

El Baguazo: 12 years of misunderstanding

6 Jun 2021 - 17:39

El Baguazo reminds us of the reality of Peru each year that passes. But still, despite the past 12 years, the hopes of a new country are not lost in the population.

“Aprendo con Servindi”: IWGIA and Servindi organize a new presentation

20 Mar 2021 - 15:48

Alejandro Irey Corisepa, president of the Coharyima, will share his experience organizing the implementation of satellite internet and computers at their bases.

Crimes in the irregular application of vaccines against COVID-19

20 Feb 2021 - 09:48

In the following article by Professor Antonio Peña, he analyzes the applicable criminal types and the penalties to be applied according to the condition of the people involved.

Aprendo con Servindi (I learn with Servindi): Virtual training platform for Indigenous Peoples

16 Feb 2021 - 23:08

For the methodological adaptation to the virtual format, Servindi developed a package of graphic tools and resources, dynamic and ludic progress evaluation tests.

Statement on the military coup in Myanmar

2 Feb 2021 - 10:36

The process of democratic transition in Myanmar stalled and civil society, including Indigenous Peoples organisations are at risk of being removed from decision-making process

Limits on the global right to vaccinate against COVID-19

2 Feb 2021 - 09:58

It is a situation of extreme inequality and a market without rules that prevents the recognition and fulfillment of the global right of everyone to vaccines against COVID-19.

Looking back at a year under COVID-19: Indigenous Peoples’ struggles and resilience during the pandemic

13 Ene 2021 - 20:31

Environmental degradation, conflicts over resources, expropriation of land and human rights violations continue to detrimentally impact their lives.

Strengthening the security of Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders in Asia during the COVID-19 pandemic

13 Ene 2021 - 10:13

What the pandemic has highlighted is the critical importance of the work that Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders (IPHRDs) perform daily in their communities.