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“Aprendo con Servindi”: IWGIA and Servindi organize a new presentation

The presentation will be held via Zoom and will be broadcasted on Servindi's Facebook and Youtube accounts.

Servindi, March 20, 2021. - The educational platform "Aprendo con Servindi" (Learning with Servindi), that seeks to strengthen climate action in favor of indigenous peoples, will have a new public presentation after launching its first free virtual course.

The public event organized by Servindi and the International Work Group on indigenous Affairs Indigenous Affairs(IWGIA) will take place on Wednesday, March 24, at 9:00 a.m. m. (Peruvian time).

The activity will take place through the  Zoom platform and broadcasted through the Servindi’s Facebook and Youtube channels. In addition, it will have simultaneous interpretation in English and Spanish.

The platform will be presented by Janeth Apari, communicator and person in charge of the pedagogical adaptation of the contents of Aprendo con Servindi, while Roger Tunque, journalist from Servindi will be in charge of the moderation.

Alejandro Irey Corisepa, president of the Harakbut, Yine and Matsiguenka Council (Coharyima) will also participate, who will share his experience organizing the implementation of satellite internet and computers at their bases.

Stefan Thorsell, IWGIA Environment and Climate Change Advisor, and Jim Tordoya, web developer of the “Aprendo con Servindi” platform will also participate in the group of panelists.

The event will also feature one of the participants of the first virtual course "Los pueblos indígenas y el desafío del cambio climático" (Indigenous Peoples and the Challenge of Climate Change).

Lines of training

“Aprendo con Servindi” starts with the environmental and climate change axis, which begins what Servindi calls the Green Line for training.

However, the Citizenship and Politics axis (Blue line), as well as the Communication and journalism axis (Purple line) have also been proposed.

The first course, the Green Line, is built for a progressive training in three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. The first virtual course called "Los pueblos indígenas y el desafío del cambio climático" comprises 12 modules, grouped into three levels.

Climate Project

The virtual education platform “Aprendo con Servindi” is supported by Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI).

It was executed within the framework of the project “Promoting Indigenous Peoples rights in REDD+ in Myanmar and Peru”.

Until the end of 2019, the strengthening workshops were held in the native communities of the departments of San Martín, Madre de Dios and Ucayali.


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