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Peru: When the president of Congress was an "anti-mining terrorist"


The current president of Congress, Ana Maria Solorzano, took part in the protests against the Tia Maria project in 2011, while she was the first candidate for congresswoman of the Nationalist Party in Arequipa.

By Jorge Pereyra

Servindi, 12 May, 2015.- It was March 30, 2011. That day had been released, through unofficial channels, the result of the evaluation to the Environmental Impact Study of the Tia Maria project by the United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS), in which more than 130 observations were made.

The government of Alan Garcia and his Minister of Energy and Mines, Pedro Sanchez, had insisted, for months, in defending the study presented by Southern Copper.

The Garcia government -like the currently- sent the army to quell the protest and confront the social upheaval against the mining project.

Ana Maria Solorzano, who was the leading candidate for congresswoman of nationalism in Arequipa, participated in the protest. In the photo she is seen at the march with her arm raised in a provocative attitude.

How times change! Ana Maria?

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Ana Maria Solorzano una aventurera que apoyo a otro aventurero como Ollanta. Lamentablemente, esta gente oportunista fue apoyada por la izquierda tradicional. Solo la unidad comunitaria en lucha radical contra toda corporacion capitalista,como ya ocurrio en Piura, Cajamrca y hoy en Islay, triunfara mas temprano que tarde.
Las Comunidades Unidas triunfaran!!!

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