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Police and Yanacocha security harass Máxima Acuña

Grufides, 20 January 2015.- Some fifteen officers of Peru´s National Police and agents of the private firm Securitas, that provides security services to Minera Yanacocha, broke into the home of Máxima Acuña Chaupe and her family yesterday afternoon.

The purpose of the police intervention was to prevent them from performing improvements on their house and carry out agricultural activities.

None of the police officers identified or showed a court order to justify the violent intervention.

They were not accompanied by any Public Ministry officer to substantiate the violation of the domicile and armed breakthrough on to the Chaupe family lands, located in the Tragadero Grande area.

The property belongs to Máxima Acuña and is the subject of litigation, in which Minera Yanacocha intended to strip of them of their land.

Last December, the Criminal Court of Appeals of Cajamarca ruled in favor of Máxima Acuña and overturned a previous ruling that had sentenced her for the crime of "usurpation".

Therefore, Máxima and her family are legally protected and do not want to be harassed by the mining company and its security personnel.

When the Acuña family demanded the police and private security personnel to withdraw from their property, they were subjected to all kinds of threats.

Minera Yanacocha pay the fees of the police officers who act as reinforcement for Securitas and as an instrument of harassment of a peasant family who refused to sell their land to the gold mining company.

The legal defense of Máxima Acuña and her family shall carry out the corresponding complaints for these obvious police arbitrary actions.


Translated from Spanish by Luis Manuel Claps for SERVINDI.

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