Smallholder farmers

Women and youth lead change in Lima's highlands and high rainforest

28 Sep 2019 - 08:12

“The many challenges we face here, mainly due to lack of water, made people to migrate to Lima, but this is starting to change,” says Mayor Miguel Castro.

The capital difference: Expanding horticulture in Rwanda

9 Mayo 2019 - 20:10

The improved quality and quantity of their produce attracted higher prices, leading to higher net profit for small farmers.

Why smallholder farmers are the key to combating global warming

23 Ago 2018 - 00:22

The world faces a rising population, rapid urbanization, climate change, declining soil fertility and increasing demand for food and fuel. All of this puts pressure on land.

Ground-breaking research helps make insurance available to smallholder farmers

27 Feb 2018 - 23:30

As global population and the demand for food continue to rise, it is essential to support the world’s 500 million smallholder farms, which are responsible for much of the....

Promoting market-oriented agriculture in Zambia

15 Ago 2017 - 09:22

This is key to helping smallholder farmers integrate into value chains while also improving their productivity, incomes and nutritional outcomes

Bridging the financing gap for smallholder farmers

1 Feb 2017 - 08:25

The establishment of a new network to help bridge the estimated US$150 billion financing gap that prevents small rural producers and businesses in developing countries from...

Smallholder farmers bring high value to their crops in Nepal

25 Ene 2017 - 21:14

Three-quarters of the country’s terrain is mountainous, there is limited land and the majority of smallholder farmers are forced to depend on rainfall, as only a small porc...