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Genocide warning for Peru's biggest gas project

Por David Hill

The expansion of the Camisea gas project in the Peruvian Amazon risks causing genocide, according to a new report by Peruvian NGO Perú Equidad. The report, La Batalla por ‘los Nanti’, argues that Peru’s government, the company running Camisea – Pluspetrol – and the Dominican Mission have adopted a series of behind-the-scene tactics intended ultimately to abolish a supposedly off-limits reserve established to protect the ‘Nanti’ and other indigenous peoples living in ‘isolation’ and ‘initial contact.’

This is aimed at facilitating gas operations and Christian evangelization, the report argues.

‘The strategy to dissolve the reserve would seem to be a premeditated action that could end up being classed as genocide if it has fatal consequences for the continuity of the Matsigenka-Nanti as a people,’ La Batalla states. ‘None of the people overseeing it could say they did not act knowingly.’ For a copy of the report, published by the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs, click here.


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