Peruvian Amazon

Shipibo community calls upon European banks to avoid forest destruction

23 Ago 2019 - 11:27

Since 2012, the Ocho Sur P (previously Plantaciones de Pucallpa SAC) plantation has expanded illegally at the expense of 7,000 hectares of mostly old-growth forest

Canadian lynched in Peru after being accused of shaman's death

25 Abr 2018 - 00:01

Olivia Arévalo, a female shaman with the native Shipibo-Konibo people, was shot twice and died on Thursday near her home in the village of Victoria Gracia in Peru

Amazon tribe saves plant lore with ‘healing forests’ and encyclopedia

28 Nov 2017 - 06:57

Each tree or plant was transplanted from elsewhere in the forest: some as seeds, seedlings, some cuttings, some saplings, and others as epiphytes grafted onto standing trees.

COP 23: AIDESEP invites to participate in the event of indigenous peoples

7 Nov 2017 - 13:11

They will share alternatives about sowing and harvesting water, polycultures, recovery of traditional seeds, Full Life Plans and economies, live holistica management of...

Trouble for Oil in the Peruvian Amazon?

16 Abr 2017 - 13:42

In addition to the announcement by two oil companies that they will abandon drilling projects in important oil blocks, a Peruvian court annulled a controversial oil contract..

National parks must be for people, plants, pumas - not Big Oil

23 Ago 2016 - 00:01

Huge swathe of new “protected natural area” in Peru’s Amazon is included within an oil and gas concession run by Canadian company.

Gold-mining in Peru: forests razed, millions lost, virgins auctioned

5 Mayo 2016 - 00:11

Gold-mining is a major cause of deforestation in Peru’s Amazon. To date, by far the hardest-hit region is Madre de Dios, where whole areas have been transformed into deserts.

No Colors Left, the Amazon is Painted Black

23 Feb 2016 - 02:44

Last month, the Chiriaco River in the Peruvian Amazon was painted black with more than 2,000 barrels of crude oil. The spill has severely impacted the river, and the lives in and around the river.