People’s Summit request the government to provide locations to host the social delegations

Image: Jonathan Hurtado / Servindi

Servindi, 26 November, 2014. - The People’s Summit Against Climate Change will be held in Lima in a few weeks but where to host all the visitants coming from the inlands regions of Peru and abroad is still a matter of concern.

In this regard, Lourdes Huanca, president of the women organization Fenmucarinap, calls upon the authorities to support the event by enabling spaces to host the visiting delegations.

She remembers the meeting celebrated in October with representatives from several ministries where the organizations in charge of the Summit requested access to the National Stadium for this purpose.

The answer to their request arrived only a few days ago and doesn’t allow the use of the National Stadium because the highest authority in the Peru’s Sports Institute (IPD) is not currently present.

As it is known, the People's Summit is an alternative event to the Twentieth Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP20) organized by the government from 1st to 12th December that is hosted by the Ministry of Environment (MINAM).

The People's Summit will be held from 8th to 11th December. During that period, thousands of visitors from the inland regions of the country and abroad will land in Lima so it is necessary to assure a room for everybody’s stay in the capital. They will participate in the Peoples’ Climate March, which is scheduled on 10th December and is expected to gather more than 15,000 people.

We all are hosts

"The Minister of Environment, the President and all the ministers should be aware that we are all hosting; they host foreign executives and we host the people", claimed Huanca in a press conference held on Tuesday 18th.

The main venue of the Summit is the Park of the Exposition, although a number of activities will take place in different auditoriums located in the surrounding area.

The official opening ceremony will take place on 8th December in the amphitheater of the park, where a major cultural event will welcome the national and foreign delegations.

Fenmucarinap is part of the Unity Pact of Indigenous Organizations of Peru and it is a member of the Political Organizing Committee of the People's Summit on Climate Change.

Translated from Spanish by María Khoury Arvelo for SERVINDI and IWGIA.

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