United Nations

Current risks and challenges to the physical and cultural survival of indigenous peoples in Latin America

26 Oct 2017 - 23:38

The majority of Latin American States voted in favor of the UN Declaration, which represents the current international opinion on the fundamental human rights of indigenous.

Indigenous Peoples' Day: More visibility pairs with harder criminalisation

10 Ago 2017 - 02:24

Only in 2015, a third of the murders related to territorial defense were indigenous leaders from Latin America. This escalation of violence is not accidental, given the fact..

Protecting women’s rights in the face of domestic violence in India and Burundi

19 Dic 2016 - 00:25

Worldwide, 35 per cent of women have experienced either physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives—a figure that, in some countries, is as high as 70 per cent.