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USA: Indignous peoples of the Caribbean protest against the new movie of Walt Disney Pictures

On Saturday, June 24 2006, the Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United (GAHFU), together with the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP) organized a peaceful protest against the World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures´ Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man´s Chest, for its erroneous depiction of Caribbean Indigenous Peoples as savage cannibals.

"It has been brought to our attention that the Walt Disney Company intends to film a movie called "The Pirates of the Caribbean" in which the Caribs or Calinago, the ancestors of the Garinagu (as we refer to ourselves in our language) are portrayed as cannibals," as Michael Polonio, president of the National Garifuna Council of Belize affirms.

He points as well out that not only the Garifuna people have been wrongfully portrayed in the movie as cannibals but also other indigenous people of the Caribbean who are closely related to them as in the case of the Taino people. Therefore, they participate together in the protest.

As the press release of the Taíno states: From the time Christopher Columbus arrived on our shores, it is well known that these "cannibal" images were used as propaganda to enslave and murder Natives Peoples throughout the hemisphere, and beyond.

Therefore, We, the Taino People have united our voices with our Kalinago, Carib, and Garinagu relatives to bring attention to this injustice, racist portrayal of Indigenous Peoples.

With our future generations in our minds and hearts, we urge all our relations to boycott this film and all Disney products until this company recognizes the injustice and the multi-generational trauma this type of imagery has and continues to inflict upon on our communities, especially our youth.

All people of good conscience should be appalled at these denigrating, stereotypical portrayals attempting to be disguised by DISNEY as humor and entertainment.

Bo´matum (thank you) for your support.

In the Spirit of our Ancestors,

Roberto Múcaro Borrero,

President and Chairman,

UCTP Regional Coordinating Office

Naniki Reyes Ocasio

Founder, Caney Quinto Mundo,

Boriken (Puerto Rico)

Elba Anaca Lugo,

President, Consejo General de Tainos Borincanos,

Boriken (Puerto Rico)

Don Cesar Serraty,

Fundacion Luz Cosmica Taino,

Quiskeya (Dominican Republic)

Chief Reginaldo Fredericks,

Joboshirima Lokono Arawak Community

Estado Bolivar, Venezuela

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De hecho, el nuevo logo de Walt Disney Pictures desgraciadamente se esta usando en otras pelÃculas de Disney, ese logo destesto porque es horrible, ese logo deberia ser exclusivo para "Piratas del Caribe 2".

Odio el nuevo logo de Walt Disney Pictures, asi como odio las nuevas voces de Los Simpsons. Quisiera que este de regreso el logo original de Walt Disney Pictures asi como su estilo original y quisiera que vuelvan las voces originales de los Simpsons.

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