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Is there a connection between gender, climate change and health?

Servindi, March 20, 2017.- A new report from the World Health Organization (WHO) provides an initial analysis of how climate change, gender and health interact.

The document entitled "Gender, Climate Change and Health" argues that the climate effects on human societies and the human capacity to mitigate and adapt to them are conditioned by social factors such as gender.

The report documents the available data on gender differences in health risks that could be accentuated due to climate change, and on the adaptation and mitigation measures that may contribute to protect and promote health.

The aim is to provide a framework that strengthens WHO's support to Member States in assessing health risks and devising climate-friendly policy interventions that are beneficial to both sexes.

The research confirms that there is now solid scientific evidence that clearly shows that the Earth's climate is changing at great speed, mainly due to human activity.

Rising temperatures, rising sea levels, changes in rain patterns and increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events are expected to have a negative impact on the major human health matters.

These will affect the purity of air and water, and the availability of adequate food and housing.

Access the report from the following link:

- Gender, Climate change and Health (PDF, 44 páginas)

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