UN Pushes the Struggle Against Climate Change

The UN will hold a pre-COP25 summit with the aim of updating national goals to combat climate change. The event will be held in Costa Rica in September and the UN has announced that only the countries that submit a firm plan of action against global warming will be given the floor.

By José Díaz

Servindi, May 30th, 2019.- As an event prior to the COP25 to be held at the end of the year in Santiago, Chile, the United Nations (UN) will hold a climate change summit in September. In this event, the participating countries should inform their national contributions in the fight against global warming, as agreed in the Paris Agreement.

This summit, held as an initiative of the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, plans to be a "different summit". This means that it will not be a discursive forum, but that participants will be asked to directly expose their action plans.

"A summit that is not just an occasion for a few speeches to be read, but basically a meeting in which all the participants come with a plan," said the main organizer and Mexican diplomat Luis Alfonzo de Alba. In fact, during this forum, only the word will be given to countries that come with a specific plan.

This summit seeks to promote compliance with the Paris Agreement in national governments. According to this document created in 2015, countries must constantly update their National Determined Contributions (NDCs). However, the total implementation of this agreement has a deadline of 2020.

Firm Position

This summit will be held in Costa Rica, one of the Latin American countries that have made the most progress in implementing the commitments established in the Paris Agreement. In this regard, Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado sent a direct message to the deniers’ voices of climate change during an established protocol meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"I believe that the existing scientific information on climate change is irrefutable. I think that when what you are talking about is not science but (the) interests you can lose the perspective of what is a reality and above all the reality that humanity faces, which is a huge risk," said the president of Costa Rica.

For the Government of Costa Rica, the struggle against climate change must increase its ambition. To achieve this goal, Carlos Alvarado called the pre-COP summit in Costa Rica and the COP25 itself, which will be held in Chile at the end of the year, paramount. Let’s remember that in a year the Paris Agreement must have been implemented in more than 195 subscribing countries.

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