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Climate agreements are criticized for not being mandatory

For the Nobel Prize of Economy, William Nordhaus, it is necessary that environmental agreements such as the Paris Agreement be mandatory. He proposes that countries that resist signing or withdrawing from these commitments be punished. Furthermore, in the middle of critiques about COP24 host city of Katowice for basing 80% of its energy matrix on combustion sources.

By José Díaz

Servindi, December 10th, 2018.- In the middle of the unfolding of a COP24 that still does not offer symptoms of great results, the Nobel prize of Economy, William Nordhaus strongly criticized two aspects that comprise the environmental summit. One of them was the non-participation of some countries in the climate pacts such as the withdrawal of EE. UU of the Paris Agreement and, on the other hand, the recently beaten record of global polluting emissions.

"We need to go beyond this, that they need to be obligatory, but also with sanctions for those who do not participate. Until strong policies are adopted, surely, we will continue to see the same increase in emissions," he said from Stockholm (Sweden), where Nordhaus is preparing for the award ceremony of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

William Nordhaus, an economist known for his research on the impact of macroeconomics on climate change, has questioned whether environmental agreements are not mandatory. He assures that due to its "purely voluntary" condition, the ecological commitments have not had positive impacts on global policies.

In other words, the North American economist raises the need to convert environmental treaties into binding documents. For this purpose, he proposes sanctions for those countries that are reluctant to participate or withdraw, as the US has already done, and as a threat to Brazil and some other developed nations.

Emissions in question

About the recent news of the record CO2 emissions beaten in recent years, William Nordhaus said he was not surprised. For the Nobel Prize, the recent economic growth is consistent with the increase in greenhouse gases, since "they are not taking strong measures to reduce emissions". He added that only in Europe are some "timid" decisions being applied.

Regarding emissions, this issue was used to criticize the city hosting the COP24, Katowice (Poland). This is because this Polish city uses combustion sources to generate 80% of its electric power, in addition to promoting the coal industry through the mines that surround the city.

"Sooner or later we have to make the leap to other sources of energy, we have no other choice, and the sooner we have a definite plan to act, the better," said the member of the committee of the Polish electricity companies, Kazimierz Szynol, the critics that Katowice has received for its energy matrix.

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