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Canada and USA suffer heat waves

Canada and the United States face one of the greatest heat waves of recent years. With historic temperatures in North America there are dozens of deaths linked to the increase in temperature.

By José Díaz

Servindi, 10 July, 2018.- Canada and the United States have been suffering for several weeks one of the hardest heat waves in their history. With continuous temperatures of more than 35 ° C, the deaths in both countries can already be counted by tens. The most affected city is Quebec (Canada) that until the last weekend had 33 dead due to extreme temperatures.

The Canadian weather service has calculated that the temperature will exceed 35 ° C during the next days. However, the humidity would also rise so that the sensation of heat could intensify. Until now, the most of deceased by this warming were between 53 and 80 years old.

Meanwhile in the United States the heat wave has concentrated mainly in the east. The most affected states are Mississippi and Ohio, where a population of 90 million people is concentrated. Although there is no official count, it is known that in this territory several people have already lost their lives due to the heat.

Calculations in both countries indicate that the elevated temperature will last until Friday. In some cities like Montreal (Canada) the heat has surpassed records quite old as the 36 ° C registered in 1931 in this Canadian city. Precisely in this city has already registered 18 cases of deceased by the weather.


One of the patterns registered in the deaths is that most people had another type of illness. Most of the victims had mental health problems and heart or respiratory conditions.

The situation has reached a level of desperation such that in Montreal the authorities have enabled "refrigeration centers". Those points would be public buildings with an air conditioning installation that will serve to reduce the impact of the heat wave on most of the population and which is offered as a temporary refuge.

We do not want more deaths to occur, said Quebec Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois.

Global warming, expressed through these waves of heat is already generating havoc in the contemporary population. One more reason to try to establish a true environmental policy in the field of the United States where lately has happened a dissolution of the laws dedicated to the environmental defense of this country.

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