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South America creates “Leticia Pact” to save the Amazon

Seven countries in South America pledged to carry out 16 measures dedicated to the protection and recovery of the Amazon. A cooperation network against natural disasters will be created. Among the signatories is the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

By José Díaz

Servindi, September 9th, 2019.- After several weeks of the media crisis in South America due to the wildfire in the Amazon, the presidents of the Amazonian countries decided to meet in the Colombian city of Leticia. In this event, held last weekend, they signed an agreement called "Leticia Pact" that will be a roadmap for recovery work in the South American jungle.

The presidents who attended the event were Martín Vizcarra from Peru, Lenin Moreno from Ecuador, Evo Morales from Bolivia and Iván Duque from Colombia, as well as delegates from Suriname and Guyana. Although he did not physically attend, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro intervened through a videoconference and sent a delegation that signed, on behalf of him, the "Leticia Pact".

The document, signed by seven countries, contains 16 points that are the organizing principle with which the signatory countries must act to protect and recover the Amazon from the devastating fire. Among the highlights is the creation of a cooperation network against natural disasters.

Another interesting point is the commitment to exchange information on the biodiversity of their respective Amazon territories. The latter with the goal of closely monitoring the evolution of water resources and the recovery of ecosystems affected by the forest fire.

Politics and Discourses

During the event, all the presidents took the floor at some point. For instance, Martín Vizcarra of Peru said that "the urgency, the dimension of the problem, forces us to make drastic decisions." Along the same lines, Colombian Iván Duque acknowledged that most South American countries have forgotten the Amazon within their public policies.

On the other hand, the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro called on his colleagues to emphasize the defense of the territorial sovereignty of each country. While Bolivian Evo Morales questioned that Venezuela has not been invited to participate in the signing of the agreement.

The Amazon contains 20% of the region's freshwater, so political actions are necessary for its recovery. However, the Colombian representative of the indigenous peoples, Nelly Kuiru claimed that this agreement can only achieve its objectives if it is done by empowering the native populations of the Amazon. Another account pending in the region.

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