Climate Change and indigenous peoples


November 28, 2018.- Indigenous peoples are some of the most affected by climate change. It is therefore extremely important that The Paris Agreement recognizes the rights of indigenous peoples in its preamble and that indigenous communities are included in relevant processes. This page collects some of the most important facts, publications and videos featuring the connection between climate change and indigenous peoples.

Facts about Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change

Indigenous peoples are among the most vulnerable to the negative impact generated by climate change owing to their lifestyle and close relationship with the land

Some arguments behind this statement:

  • Indigenous peoples depend on renewable natural resources most at risk to climate variability and extremes for their economic activities and livelihoods
  • Indigenous peoples live in geographical regions and ecosystems that are most exposed to the impacts of climate change
  • High levels of exposure and vulnerability to climate change force indigenous peoples to migrate, which can instead exacerbate social and economic vulnerabilities
  • Indigenous peoples are among the poorest of the poor, the stratum most vulnerable to climate change

Indigenous peoples are a key-actor if the world shall succeed in reaching the goal of the Paris Agreement and prevent the devastating effects of the climate change

Some arguments behind this statement:

  • Indigenous peoples manage a massive amount of the world’s carbon through their territories
  • Indigenous peoples have proven to be the most effective guardians of the forests
  • Indigenous peoples cultivating (agriculture) techniques have been proven some of the most effective to mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • Indigenous peoples’ rights and their vital role are already recognized in the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals

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Publications about Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change

Delivering on the Paris promises – Combating climate change while protecting rights (English)

Deforestación – En tiempos de cambio climático (Español)

Livelihood, Land Use and Customary Tenure in Khupra, Myanmar (English)

The Land Within – Indigenous territory and perception of the environment (English)

The Sea Within – Maritime tenure and cosmopolitical debates (English)

IWGIA – 50 years defending indigenous peoples’ rights (English)

Indigenous World 2018 (English) // El Mundo Indígena 2018 (Español)

Search for more relevant publications in English here >> y en español aquí >>

Videos about Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change

Indigenous Views: Climate Change (English)

Salvaguardas de Cancún para la protección de los bosques (Español)

Voices from the sacred mountains (English) // Voces de las montañas sagradas (Español)

Time is water - Wampis autonomous government in Peru (English)


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