A great international mobilization in defense of the Amazon

Nine countries of the region will join in a great peaceful march in rejection to the permanent aggressions the Amazon suffers, such as deforestation, land grabbing, ethnocide, among other threats.

Servindi, September 15, 2017.- On September 22, nine Amazonian countries will stand and raise their voice to defend the Amazon.

Under the slogan " Amazonía viva, humanidad segura"(“Amazon Alive, Humanity Survives”), this great international mobilization seeks to unite the voices of rejection from the various Amazonian countries that have been affected by threats such as deforestation, extractivism, land grabbing, criminalization and even extermination of indigenous populations.

Thus, the aim is to deal with the ongoing aggressions suffered by the Amazon, whose consequences fall mainly on indigenous peoples and isolated populations living in these territories, who must even face extermination by those who seek to occupy their ancestral lands.

Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname, countries that share the Amazonian territory will participate in this transnational response to the Amazon’s emergency situation.

On the basis of a common interest, the Amazonian countries have the same problems affecting their territories, so they are demanding their respective states to take actions to stop this situation.

Actions in Peru

On September 22 activities will be carried out from various cities such as Bogotá and Leticia (Colombia); Santa Cruz and La Paz (Bolivia); Quito, (Ecuador); among others, in the context of the great Amazonian mobilization.

In Lima, Peru, at 2 pm, a sit-in will be held in front of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. This action will aim to allocate public budget to protect the forests and the Amazon.

Then, the mobilization will be directed towards the Chinese embassy, ​​which gathers large international investments in extractive activities.

Although indigenous peoples are the most affected by these threats, this transnational action seeks the involvement of civil society in general with the same emphasis, since the Amazonian defense concerns all.

It should be noted that this measure is led by the Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA, in Spanish), and it is coordinated with the Inter-Ethnic Association of Peruvian Forest Development (AIDESEP, in Spanish) in Peru.

URL: https://www.servindi.org/actualidad-noticias/11/09/2017/movilizacion-internacionalpor-defensa-de-la-amazonia 


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