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Peoples summit calls for political will to peruvian the government to fight against climate change

Los voceros oficiales de la Comisión Política organizadora de la Cumbre de los Pueblos

Servindi, 19 of september, 2014.- Various organizations of civil society, composed of social movements, trade unions, peasant and indigenous, launch the People's Summit on Climate Change, and demanded to the Peruvian Government a real commitment to mitigate the effects of climate change in the country.

During the press conference the spokesman Antolin Huascar said this will be a space where criticism and proposals will arise in the process of international negotiations for a new global climate agreement and the development of an environmental agenda in Perú.

Huascar stressed that climate change affects everyone. Water stress and restricted access is affecting agriculture, causing food shortages in the countryside and the cities. So he demanded governments participating in the COP20 - which will be held in Peru in December 2014 - to take in the proposals from civil society and indigenous peoples organizations into the new global climate governance.

He also urged President Ollanta Humala to let Peruvians know the official approach, which will be presented at the Summit on Climate United Nations on 23 September in New York.

The People's Summit will be held between 8 and 11 December in Lima. Around 8,000 people from more than 200 organizations from around the world are expected to attend.

In this regard, Salvador Sánchez (National Association of Ecological Producers of Peru -ANPE), spokesman for the Summit, said that delegations are coming from the national and international level to participate in the great People's Global March against Climate Change to be will be held on December 10. Parades are also being organized in various cities of Peru, to show the cultural diversity of peoples.

Meanwhile, Gladis Vila, representative of the National Organization of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women from Peru (ONAMIAP) and spokeswoman for the Summit, said her main concern is to show how much climate change is affecting the country and farmers. "The Summit will be an important milestone that will bring together thousands of Peruvians and people from all over the world, enabling us to realize the gravity of this global problem and its implications for our daily lives and the development of peoples," she said.

Vila demanded attention to the agreements and commitments that Peruvian government will assume in the UN Climate Summit, convened by the UN Secretary Ba Kin-Moon. "We are concerned that our country is not assuming a political role that involves having the presidency of COP20; so we hope that President Humala expresses political commitment responding to this challenge. It worries us the lack of transparency in the process, it should be participative and inclusive "said indigenous leader.

In this regard, she noted the proposal to promote a National Adaptation Programme of Community, a proposal developed by the Unit of Indigenous Organizations of Peru.

Climate Agenda

Ibis Fernandez, head of the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) and spokeswoman for the Summit emphasized that the process of environmental policy debate has not been transparent and has not considered proposals reached by civil society through the organizations of the People's Summit.

"There is a double standard of the government on the climate agenda. We see a lack of political will to strengthen the environmental authority. For example, the proposed National Climate Change Strategy by the Ministry of Environment has regressive policies. Law 30230, related to investment rules, has turned environmental policies more flexible regardless of climate impact" she lamented.

Fernandez said that Humala will presente in New York at a time series of social and environmental conflicts are taking place in Peru. One of them is related to the death of four indigenous Ashaninka leaders (Edwin Chota, Leoncio Quincimac, Jorge Rios and Francisco Pinedo) by face-timber mafias operating with impunity in various Amazonian regions.

"We demand the government to punish the murders and political responsible. Not one more deaths of people defending their rights! She exclaimed.

Finally, Rosa Guillen, World Women’s march (WWM) and spokeswoman for the Summit Walk, said that is not acceptable to create for new ways of extracting and creating energy as a solution to the climate problem, especially those that are based in agriculture arise. "We want to develop good, sustainable agriculture, energetic and healthy," she said.

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The People's Summit on Climate Change Policy Committee consists of thirteen organizations: ANPE PERU/AOA, CCP, CNA, CGTP, CUNARC-P, CUT, FENMUCARINAP, FENTAP, GPCOP20, MMM, ONAMIAP y UNCA.

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