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One more stain for Donald Trump’s environmental chief

The questioned denier of global warming, Scott Pruitt was recently discovered in a new attempt at conflict of interest. Excessive expenses in an office that does not protect the environment, as well as links with the military and oil sector, are just some of the major questions that weigh on the head of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.

By José Díaz

Servindi, June. 12, 2018.- One of the most questionable officials of the Donald Trump’s administration has been, from the beginning, Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Investigated for months by various irregularities, in the last few days a new negative detail about his record was revealed.

This is an investigation released last week by "The Washington Post" that would show that the White House official took advantage of his position to benefit his wife. Specifically, Pruitt would have written to one of the administrators of the fast-food company Chick-fil-A to tell him about a "business opportunity" that involved getting a job for his wife, Marlyn Pruitt.

Although the meeting would not have materialized, a representative of Chick-fil-A acknowledged that there was an interest on the part of the EPA chief to meet. The objective, said the worker of this company, was to turn Pruitt's wife into a member of the franchise. At first glance, an irregular maneuver taking into account the position he currently holds in the White House.

This scandal would add to the long list of irregularities that pursue Scott Pruitt since the beginning of 2017. Let’s recall that currently the head of the EPA is investigated for renting an apartment at a price below the market while the property is linked to a power group of the sector oil.

The counter-environmentalist

Scott Pruitt, a well-known lobbyist linked to the military and energy sector, generated controversy since his appointment to the EPA for being known as a denier of global warming. In this way, Donald Trump defined what has been his environmental policy for the past year and a half of the United States.

It should also be added that Scott Pruitt led at the beginning of the Donald Trump's administration the deactivation of a series of environmental policies inherited from the administration of Barack Obama. Among other things, this caused the viability of questioned energy projects such as oil pipelines that cross ancestral North American territory.

Expensive trips in the first class or on military planes and the excessive expenses of an office that has forgotten its main function for a year and a half: protecting the environment, are just some of the questions that weigh on Scott Pruitt. Will Donald Trump continue supporting this controversial character?

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