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USA is left alone outside the Paris Agreement

With the incorporation of Syria, the United States would become the only country outside the commitments of the Paris Agreement. The Middle East country would sign its entry during the framework of the COP23 in Bonn (Germany). In December France will host a climate summit to which North American President Donald Trump has not been invited.

By José Díaz

Servindi, November 10th, 2017.- In the framework of the COP23 that has been taking place in Bonn (Germany) positive news has come to light. It is about the imminent incorporation of Syria to the list of countries subscribed to the Paris Agreement, which would immediately leave the United States as the only nation not attached to this document.

In this way, together with Nicaragua, Syria is part of the two nations that join the maximum treaty to fight against climate change in this last section of 2017, while earlier this year the US chose to withdraw. However, it should be noted that the formal disaffection of the North American country of the Paris Agreement would take place only in 2020 according to the bases of the document itself.

As recalled, in May of this year, US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of his country from the Paris Agreement with the aim of protecting its citizens. At that time, he also said that climate change was an invention of China, its maximum commercial competitor.

Trump is excluded

The truth is that the world is ready to start a fight against climate change and global warming without the United States. For this reason, France has organized a climate summit in its capital on December 12, which will be attended by more than a hundred presidents and to which Donald Trump has not been invited.

The reason for this meeting will be the commemoration of the two years of the signing of the Paris Agreement and its main goal is to avoid losing the momentum of the commitments established in the document with the departure from the United States. Hundreds of civil organizations will also be present at the event that will take place in the French capital.

This appointment that has been christened "One Planet Summit" will concentrate, according to the advancement of the French president Emmanuel Macron, in reviewing the "action" of the objectives of the Paris Agreement. We also expect announcements related to financial reinforcement for the fulfillment of the goals.

It is necessary to remember that a few days ago; scientists from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) revealed that the objectives of the Paris Agreement should be extended to avoid an increase in temperature of 3 ° Celsius in the face of 2100.

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