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Mining progress threatens Amarakaeri Communal Reserve

Walter Quertehuari Dariquebe, de la comunidad nativa de Queros y nuevo presidente del ECA Amarakaeri. Foto: Servindi

Servindi, September 28, 2017. Walter Quertehuari, from the Harakbut people and from the native community of Queros Wachiperi (Cusco), is the new president of the ECA Amarakaeri. From his post he has to set the bar higher or at least keep it high.

The last management of the Administration Agreement (ECA) for the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve (RCA) ended not only with high approval, but also with very palpable results that have turned the Amarakaire Community Reserve into a reference model of co-management between the State and the native communities.

However, despite the fact that the management of the Amarakaire Communal Reserve has been strengthened thanks to achievements such as obtaining projects for communities - from seed funds to developing  initiatives for fish farming, tourism or reforestation, the defense and protection of reserve pose even greater challenges.

Camanti area could be a "second La Pampa"

Thus, Walter Quertehuari - who was also part of the previous management - although he brings a positive experience to hold the position, he also stated that the most imminent threat to the reserve is the uncontainable advance of illegal mining.

La Pampa is an area located between kilometer 98 and 115 of the Interoceanic highway in the Madre de Dios region in the province of Tambopata where several mining camps have been set up in the middle of the buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve and where social scourges merge such as human trafficking, sexual exploitation, torture and assassination.

We want solutions

In response to the warning, he asked the authorities to carry out urgent actions to safeguard the territory, as well as dialogue and effective alternative solutions.

"We have to coordinate these issues with SERNANP (National Service of Natural Protected Areas) to ensure the integrity of the reserve. We will call for a dialogue with the relevant entities and see to perform concrete and urgent actions in favor of the reserve". 

About Amarakaeri Communal Reserve

 The Administration Contract Executor (ECA), a social-administrative administrative body that promotes sustainable development projects in the communities, based on the territorial management and the full life of the communities.

 In the Amarakaeri ECA, the representatives of ten indigenous communities that protect the communal reserve participate directly. These are: Queros Wachiperi, Shintuya, Shipetiari, Diamond, Puerto Azul, Boca Isiriwe, Masenawa, San Jose de Karene, Puerto Luz and Barranco Chico.
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